Rosehip Company


At The Rosehip Company (PTY) Ltd we are very aware of the environmental responsibility of our company. We are always working very closely with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Ministry supports our project fully.

Rosa Eglanteria aka Rubignosa is an alien and invasive species introduced to Lesotho. There are various explanations for the way in which the plant got introduced, but that it spread very rapidly is certain. There was also the reasoning that it should be planted in dongas and erosion gullies to prevent the huge soil erosion problem that Lesotho experience. Our sourcing of the raw material is at the very heart of our business.

All raw material is sourced from the Lesotho mountains. Harvesters from the local communities harvest at their own rate and the company buys from them at their respective villages or at their community council offices. The harvesting is done with the cooperation and assistance of the community councils and is completely voluntary. The company does assist with resources like bags and guiding the harvesters with regards to quality and time of harvesting.

The company pays a fair price to the harvesters that are the same throughout the country. The communities in which we buy material from are very poor and isolated with little potential for generating income. In participating in our project the harvesters have the potential for earning an income without needing a specific skill and without being displaced from their homes. This is important since in Lesotho work can be found in the textile factories in Maseru but workers are displaced from their homes and a large portion of their small wage goes towards alternative accommodation and transport.