Rosehip Company

rosehip shells

When our rosehip is brought down from the mountains to our facility in Mohale’s Hoek, it is first dried in large ovens. Then it is sent through a machine that breaks open the hip and removes the hair and seeds from the shell. The shells are then cleaned and sorted and once that is done they are ready to be processed further, or bagged and labelled, ready for shipment.

Rosehip powder

Rosehip powder is produced during the TBC cutting stage. If more powder is required more shells are milled into powder form. The powder is then packaged into polypropylene bags, with liners, ready for shipment.

rosehip tea blend

The rosehip tea blend consists of a blend of rosehip, hibiscus and rooibos. All sourced from the African continent to bring you a delicious, fruity tea that has become very popular. This tea is sold in loose tea form, in bulk, or in various forms of retail packaging, such as beautiful tins and African cloth bags.

Rosehip Tea

Rosehip shells are used to make the rosehip tea. The shells are processed by machines that cut them into Tea bag cut (TBC). The tea is then sifted again to make absolutely sure that the size is consistent and that all other material, such as the fine powder, is removed. The tea is then ready to be bagged in polypropylene bags with liners, to ensure it is received in the best possible condition to be blended and put into tea bags by various tea houses.

Rosehip tea has a very distinctive flavour, which has been described as somewhat tart and tangy. The high vitamin C level is known to help calm the heart, dry up mucus, clear sinus infections and eliminate coughs or congestion.

Rosehip can be beneficial in the prevention of bladder infections, ease dizziness and reduce the pain of headaches. Rosehip is believed to be rich in vitamins A, D and E and is full of antioxidants that help combat free radicals in the body.

rosehip seed oil

Rosehip oil is produced by cold pressing the seeds found inside the rose hips. The oil is then filtered to produce high quality cosmetic oil. The oil extracted from the Rosa Rubiginosa seed has excellent tissue regeneration properties and can help to reduce the appearance of scars, sun damage and signs of aging. It has also been found to prevent the formation of ugly keloid scar tissue (thickening of the skin when forming scar tissue). The oil contains essential fatty acids (EFA) which, when absorbed into the skin, are converted to prostaglandin (PGE) which is involved in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration.

Rosehip oil also helps heal the skin due to its trans-retinoic acid content which is required for tissue regeneration. It accelerates the healing process, especially on skin that has been subjected to excessive sunlight and resultant photo aging. The linlenic acids in rosehip have been shown to reduce pigmentation of the skin, and when rosehip oil is used regularly it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

animal feed

All material that is not pure enough to be used in our other products, and all by-products such as that produced during the cutting and sieving process, are combined to produce a highly nutritious and versatile animal feed. There is absolutely no wastage in our processing.
Rosehip are preferred for the following benefits:


The antioxidant properties contained within rosehips are useful for sustaining a healthy body. Studies have proven that anti-oxidants protect the body against particular illnesses like cancer, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. Excessive free radicals result from poor nutrition, pressure, and damaged tissues in both humans and horses. Infections will decrease a horse’s vitamin c levels, and this may also inhibit the development and repair of bone and cartilage tissue. The antioxidants present in rosehips can help to neutralize free radicals and keep your horse healthy.

Vitamin C Content

Rosehips are on of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C, and with one to two percent by dry weight, rosehips have a higher Vitamin C content than citrus fruit. Bioflavonoids enhance vitamin C’s ability to strengthen blood vessels, and this encourages healthy hoof growth in horses. They are also beneficial for preventing illness or to restore the immune system after illness.

Arthritic Advantages

Research by the Osteoarthritis Research Society International confirmed that a protein present in rose hips could help horses by preventing the start of osteoarthritis through boosting the immune system, hence shielding joint tissue from materials that harm them.

Other Nutrients

Rose hips contain vitamins E, D, and A, along with anti-oxidants that support the immune system. If your veterinarian determines that your horse needs supplementation like Vitamin C, for example, you likely will benefit more from various other sources with less sugar. These seeds also provide Omega – 6 fatty acids, however, your horse probably gets enough Omega – 6 from his grain and hay.