Rosehip Company


The Rosehip Company’s main vision and mission is to provide our rural community with a sustainable income, yet to ensure that is done in an environmentally responsible manner, to ensure contingency of product availability and ongoing support of the community.

Lesotho is ranking 160 out of 187 countries, on the Human Development Index of the UNDP. Through the company’s direct trade with the rural communities we are able to offer a significant impact on the poverty experienced by the communities and this will always be our main driving force.

the merging of two worlds:

At the Rosehip Company we believe in drawing on the best from the Western, First World and combining it with our Traditional Basotho culture creating a unique company culture that benefits our customers as well as our much valued employees.

The values of high quality products delivered on time and produced in a safe environment is aspects that we value from the Western market in which we operate. When spending time with our harvesters, the spirit of Basotho becomes clear. Experiencing the song and laughter from the people during work, it is hard to even grasp the true living conditions that these communities exist in. Yet they are always full of joy and an indomitable spirit.

It is this culture that have been the success of the company against all odds.

It can be best summed up in the friendly greeting of a staff member to a European visitor. “A very welcome to you Sir! I am Rampooa the eldest son to Mr. Nieuwoudt” (The Managing Director of the company and not related at all)


Situated in Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho, the company was established in 2008. The current shareholders, Herman and Catherine Nieuwoudt identified a giant market demand for Rosa Canina. It was with great excitement that we realized Lesotho was of the very few places that do offer the Rosa Canina plant, and at the same time it was even more fulfilling to experience the extreme alleviation of the poverty in our community.

Starting from very humble beginnings the company’s exponential growth has been its main challenge, yet it has been our greatest achievement and pride.

Currently we are one of the largest producers of rosehip products in Africa.


The Rosehip Company, presented by Herman and Catherine Nieuwoudt are actively involved in the general wellbeing of their community. It is their absolute priority that their community are benefitted by this project. They are also actively involved with Mants’ase Children Home, a cause very dear to their hearts.

Continuing our quest to build a beautifully ethical and socially responsible business, we endeavour to contribute to our community as much as possible. We have involved our most valued clients in our community projects. We maintain that the prospering of our community continues to be one of our biggest driving forces.